The day has finally arrived. The moment of stepping out of my comfort zone has arrived. I was extremely nervous and it felt overwhelming for me to do my first video. Although it felt overwhelming, I knew that this was the right thing for me. The video is not only about brining great content to fellow human beings, but it has allowed me to step into unfamiliar territory. We need to be constantly be pushing ourselves into the unknown. There’s a saying, if your “goals and dreams are don’t scare you, they are not big enough” and this is what I am feeling right now, a bit scared but excited at the same time.

This amazing “I Am” series is all about getting real with yourself, its a platform to tap into who you really are and why you do what you do. Everyone is unique , yet we believe we are all the same. I assure you that through this series, you will see how “one of a kind” you really are. This will also be a live Q&A for you to ask questions or just engage in our topic of the week. 

I am also super excited to have joined ventures with Neshika Bell who is such a humble being. So who is Neshika Bell?

Neshika Bell – I’m all for authentic self-expression. As in, knowing who you are, owning who you are and being who you are, unapologetically.

I have an ongoing love affair with language, great shoes and great conversation. Some of my best conversations of all time have been with my cat. I seek out people who shake up my potentiality and I seek stillness to find my centre. I talk to my myself out loud… a lot. I sing out loud too… off pitch and all out, all the way. I’m big on kindness and generosity – I’m a giver – I give my attention, I give insight and I give the most ah-maz-ing hugs. If I ever started a cult (never gonna happen, but if it did) it would be in the name of Gratitude. I’m inquisitive, easily delighted and deeply empathic. I look for the light and the magic in most things. If you’re meeting me for the first time, follow the distinct sound of my laugh – it often precedes me. I’ve been called elegant, effervescent and quietly fiery.

I believe that life supports us all and that we have to go out and meet it halfway. I think the world could do with less conformity and much, much more encouragement to go after what we truly want.

Professionally-speaking, I was once in the business of making ads and building brands. I had a wake-up call, traded stability for sovereignty, broke down, broke through, made money, lost money, and went on to start a digital agency before I realised I was more interested in fulfillment than achievement. Now, I write and speak about (and encourage you to do) what it takes to be yourself, feel fulfilled, and create meaningful work.

Neshika and I really excited to have you a part of our lives. 

The “I Am” series starts on 9th of November at 9:00am on My Inner Being’s Facebook page.

Looking forward to engaging with you.