Have you noticed how fast time is going! The days and months pass us by so quick without realizing it. There’s always new challenges and obstacles that we face each day. Some of us are in control of our lives to some extent and some of us are points where life controls how we live.

Living a life, where life, predominantly controls us, is what I’d like to call an unmindful life.

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We don’t realise that we all have 24 hours in a day but yet we make it seem there is not enough time. Just like you, I have once lived in this unaware state and this has not allowed me to be who I already am. Living in a state of chasing far-fetched dreams, always talking about my wants but never taking action.

Living with a pre-occupied mind, I started to lose focus, I didn’t know what I was really focusing on. This lead to stress, getting sick, neglecting both my physical and emotional needs, pushing myself harder and harder at work and not really knowing why I was doing what I did.

Through my own self discovering journey, I started using coaching tools and methodologies that I use with my clients to create a more meaningful mindful life.

It all started with Reflection, reflecting on what I currently have and not what I don’t have. We spend so much time and energy on things we don’t have, but I assure you, when you start taking stock of what you do have, you will come to a realization that you are actually better off in so many ways.

These are just some of the steps that I took to assess my life and start creating a life I want to live. It all began with a little silence. My safe haven at the time was at the beach.This environment allowed me to come alive. Sitting and just focusing on my breathing, I began to realise that I am alive. I started writing down all the positive things that are happening in my life. By writing, I opened myself up to gratitude.

Now that I live back in the city, I have created a safe space for me to Reflect, sitting in the garden or going outdoors to the local dams. I am an outdoor person and I love being near water and being outdoors helped me get grounded. You can take the time and explore what space allows you to be grounded. It doesn’t have to be your own home… Get out there and explore you!

When I finally understood what gratitude was and how it felt, I became aware and present.

As I discovered more and more about what makes me feel alive, I began to learn how to live in the moment.

I also realized that by reflecting on what it is that I wanted, I started writing down tasks lists, and learning how to prioritize, and I assure you, I started seeing the rewards. I have moved from a head space into space of Being. When we have our ideas and plans and dreams in our heads, I from experience have realized that they don’t manifest as quickly or truly as we want them to. It just becomes mental commentary in the mind. We live in a world where we carry those dreams to our graves.

Reflection – I came to the understanding that time is just an illusion, knowing that certain things can wait, learning how to say yes and no and started focusing on what feels true for me.

My biggest “Aha” moment was realizing that life is a challenge itself. When this sunk in, I knew that the only way to make my life better is to trust myself, reflect, practice gratitude and be who I was born to be!

These insights came to me by just sitting in silence, practicing my daily mediation and investing more time in me.

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“We don’t learn by doing, we learn by reflecting on what we’ve done”