Kick Start Your Life 2016 – Hosted By “My Inner Being”


Knowing Ashley Padayachy, has been an inspiring path so far and he never seems to disappoint and he continues to inspire me more and more with his motivational conversations.The “Kick Start Your Life-2016” event was much awaited for and began in an awesome, exciting manner.

We all know that when we go to an event we find the most comfortable spot where we feel safe and we are not in a position where we seem out of place or we are sitting next to a complete random stranger that kind of gives you the creeps.

So there’s me sitting next to a young lady whom I’ve met a few times, so not a complete stranger and Ashley starts inspiring us about growth and how most of your growth comes from an area of discomfort, when you put into a situation and there’s the situation of fight or flight (that’s me being dramatic but you get what I’m saying).

To reiterate this point, Ashley asked us to please get up and sit next to a stranger.

I was not expecting that at all, I must admit..!

We’d all just agreed that we need to put ourselves into ‘discomfort zones’ but were surprised and hesitant when asked to.The irony right..?

But once settled next to our NEW stranger partners, everyone smiled and laughed and it was an awesome ice-breaker… So well done there..!

Ash gave a 101 introduction into who he is and the journey that has led him to being a life-coach.

From not being able to walk, having a bi-lateral hip replacement at the age of 31yrs and thereafter motivating himself to get up and not let this get him down was incredible. With Ash’s ease it is an absolute pleasure to relate to him and not even a difficult thing to do.

The spotlight was then directed onto Sudesh Pillay, whom is new to the industry.

Sudesh’s focus is ‘Switching your Mindset’ and his motto / affirmation is, “My energy is my choice!”

This is so true and he left me feeling motivated to be a better me, not let another day be wasted and push for what it is that I want.

Sudesh had an energy about him that gripped your attention and everything he said seemed to make so much sense, he has the ability to relate examples to real life and you really do take out the real life lesson.

Another tip for life that Sudesh shared, “Thinking governs our attitude, which governs our thinking and that governs our actions! I will definitely be attending another event where both these inspirational gentlemen will be addressing a crowd.(Making them seem like super stars here, addressing a crowd..! Soon they’ll be crowd-surfing. LoL)

Once the official event was over and everyone was chilled, mingling having snacks, it hit me that we know each other but yet we don’t know each other as Ashley pointed out earlier and it was so warming to see strangers chatting to each other, allowing each other into their own lives.

I do feel as though we have all become so secluded in our own little lives that we forget we are here to be apart of a bigger puzzle and that sometimes it incorporates others.

The “Kick Start Your Life 2016” event, left me hungry to achieve more, wanting to make a change in my personal life-situations, stop procrastinating and be happy with life and with what I have while still growing and planning to accomplish more.(That makes sense right..? Because it does to me 🙂

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