• Do you feel that your life is at a standstill?

  • Do you feel frustrated with yourself, feel that you are losing control of your life?

  • Do you fear you will never achieve the academic success which paves the way for a successful career?

  • Do you find it impossible to stay motivated about your goals?

  • Do you feel that you are unsuccessful in your professional life?

  • Do you need help to stay focused on your current aspirations?

  • Do you need some inspiration to get started on your goals?

  • Do you need help with career planning?

  • Do need some insight to goal setting?

You are not alone. There are millions of people who struggle with life on a daily basis, experience fears and feel overwhelmed with life. BUT YOU ARE DIFFERENT!

What is different about you, is that you have taken the first and most difficult step towards making a positive change by visiting our website. You have decided to fight back, to regain your confidence, to regain control of your life and in the process, to start out on the road to success in your chosen life and career path.

You may be a student, a scholar, a parent, a teen, a professional or a householder- We can help reveal your ‘Inner Self’, let the real YOU emerge- a strong, confident, happy person who has the confidence, the motivation and the judgment to reach the most challenging goals.

Your Career & Lifestyle Coach is here to help you transform into the person you want to be– the person who has all the skills and capabilities to achieve his/her most cherished goals and dreams or desires. We are here to make you see that your dream, goal, or desire, is WELL WITHIN your reach, and we are here to show you how to reach a level of authenticity. But our journey does not end there. We also help you realize your true potential, so that you can continue to set the bar higher for yourself and make the necessary self-transformation to overcome even those obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Change starts here! Change starts today! Change Starts Now! Call us and we can spark off that change in you right now.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”  –Henry David Thoreau


You are at a crossroads in life and a friend, your parents or a well-wisher suggests you to talk to a Career & Lifestyle Coach. What’s your first reaction- skepticism, fear, embarrassment?  You are bound to have doubts and questions too. How can a stranger know what you are going through? How can he guide you, so that you can find out what’s most true for you? How can he help you become aware of your own hidden strengths and talents when they are not evident to you?

At My Inner Being, we understand how difficult, how uncomfortable, even scary it can be to open up to a ‘coach’. Especially when you are not sure what coaching is and how it can actually help you. Allow me to explain.

If you are thinking of your Career & Lifestyle Life Coach as a substitute for your teachers, parents, manager or boss, a person who will tell you what to do and how to do it, you are WRONG! At My Inner Being, we know that you have enough number of people telling you how to live your life in what they perceive to be the right way. But, as your Career & Lifestyle Coach, our aim is quite different.

This is what we want and it is the primary objective of our coaching:

  • To help you crystallize your goals
  • To help you start a business
  • To help you prepare for an interview
  • To help you get the job you want
  • To help you prepare for life after school
  • To help you to get ready for varsity life
  • To help you grow in your current workplace
  • To help you build better relationships with your work colleagues
  • To help you build better relationships with yourself, family and friends
  • To help you identify your hidden strengths
  • To help you leverage your skills and strengths to overcome your vulnerabilities
  • To help you resolve conflicts which are preventing you from achieving your full potential
  • To help you become aware of your capabilities, interest and creativity, which you never knew you had
  • To help you stay motivated about your life, remain positive about yourself and have unswerving faith in your ability to attain the most challenging goals you may have set for yourself

At My Inner Being, coaching is a partnership between you and your Coach which unleashes your full potential and your creativity with a thought provoking, evocative process that transforms your life and “creating a better now’.

Call now to become a part of this transformational process today.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown

Career & Lifestyle Coaching for Families

A supporting family is the perfect environment to foster each of the members in their journey towards their goals. However, it is a very challenging task to achieve the perfect balance between family members, who are often at varied stages of life and have very different tastes, perceptions and opinions. All too commonly, divergent views and attitudes become the basis of a growing chasm between the members, the lack of open communication paving way for significant friction. As a result, the family becomes dysfunctional and the individual members come under immense strain, fail to find the unconditional love and support which can be usually found in one’s family.

As a family head, do you find your family in this situation? At My Inner Being, we can help you find the solutions which will help your family succeed as a cohesive unit, achieving combined goals, tasks, chores, responsibilities. Your Career & Lifestyle Coach will also help each of your family members identify their place, their responsibilities and the unique value they add to the family. We can help your family become the close-knit group of independent individuals that it needs to be, with the necessary freedom and space for all members to nurture their individual potential. It is the responsibility of our Coach to bring about a better understanding amongst you all, teach you how to respect, support and love one another unconditionally.

We have worked with families who have kids entering their teen years, helping both the adults and teens understand the reasons for the growing chasm between them. As experienced Career & Lifestyle Coach’s we have helped both ‘factions’ see that they simply have different approaches although they want identical results. We have helped convert ferocious family ego battles into calm, peaceful discussions where viable solutions can be reached that are acceptable to all.

Whether you are a long-married couple who are sensing an increasing strain on your marriage or new parents struggling to find time for themselves while managing a demanding newborn- We know the kind of challenges which are before you. Your Career & Lifestyle Coach will help you identify the core issues that are causing the strain and find practical solutions to them which will help re-establish the peaceful, loving and supportive environment that you all deserve at home.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Career & Lifestyle Coaching for Students, Scholars & Teens

When you cannot seem to succeed even when you are putting in immense hard work in your academic courses, when you are unsure about the choice to make with respect to the courses, when you do not have the sense of fulfillment or intellectual stimulation from your academic course, our Career & Lifestyle Coach can make that transformative difference in your life.

We can help you chart the path to the goals which are most appropriate for you and in line with your interest and skills. To do so, we help you understand why you are dissatisfied with your academic course or performance and show you the issues which lie at the root. Your Career & Lifestyle Coach will discuss your dreams and aspirations and show you how you can put yourself on the right track to achieving them. Having worked with innumerable youngsters, we have the expertise to give you practical solutions that you can implement. We also have the understanding of problems that you most commonly face and the immense pressures you experience. Our coach will never tell you that what you have ‘isn’t a problem’ or that ‘it’s just a small issue’, because we know these are the issues which can impair your ability to remain focused and motivated in what you are doing.

Students, Scholars and Teens often fear talking to outsiders about their problems, because of the fear of judgment and criticism. By offering you a completely objective and non-judgmental Coach, with whom you can share anything without fear of reprimand or disappointment. Your Career & Lifestyle Coach allows you to see your problems from the right perspective.

Shaping your personality for success in academics is another area where we can help you immensely. Are you a perfectionist who finds it impossible to get assignments done in time? Are you a procrastinator who always puts off work until it is too late? Are you constantly switching between ideas? Are you never sure that you have put in enough work? Are you unsure that you are ‘as good as everyone else’? Any of these questions can bring pressure to bear on you, adding to the stress which academics already impose on you.

Talk to your Career & Lifestyle Coach about your doubts and feelings and we will help you see how you already have all the skills and capabilities you need to make your life a success.

To succeed in school, college and varsity life, all you need is a little guidance and a little light shed on the potential which lies within you. Let your Career & Lifestyle Coach light up the path to academic success for you. Call today.

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. –Kevin Kruse

Career & Lifestyle Coaching for Corporates, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive, manager or team leader working for someone else, the very first thing you need to do to succeed is to believe in yourself. This can become a tough task to carry out especially if you have had a few professional/business setbacks in your recent past. At My Inner Being, our coaches are here to help you get over your past mistakes and exceed your own expectations for your professional/business success.

One of the areas where you face the most challenges at work is relationships. For a business owner, maintaining great relationships with the team, with associates and partners and suppliers can become akin to a tight rope walk. You have to get the job done, but also ensure that they are happy doing it for you. You have to ensure maximum productivity, while giving your team the space, time and flexibility which keeps them working at their most creative best.

As an executive or leader, you have to maintain good relationships with your peers, your subordinates and your superiors without giving in too much or coming across as ‘not a team player’. You also have to focus on upgrading your skills and constantly improving yourself, so that your career continues to grow at a good pace.

You may be one among the many individuals who remain ‘stuck’ in jobs that do not offer the right environment to flourish. Or you may be working in an environment that gives you no opportunity to make meaningful contributions in line with your skills. Fear of change prevents you from moving out of a job that is not truly giving you satisfaction or enjoyment.

At My Inner Being we have the most experienced Career & Lifestyle Coaches who are fully aware of the innumerable difficulties which arise when you juggle different professional goals. The resulting stress, frustration, disillusionment and even anger, you may be experiencing only sets you back in your professional life. Often, the objective, practical analysis of your problems by your Career & Lifestyle Coach can, in itself, help you see how you are magnifying problems out of proportion, while ignoring the real issues underneath. An open, honest discussion with your Coach can open your eyes to unexplored talents you have, inspire you to experiment with new management techniques and encourage you to bond with your team better.  If you are a skilled professional stuck in a job that does not utilize your talents to the fullest, we will help you break free, move out, find the right work environment where you can truly flourish while creating value to the organization and adding value to yourself.

We help you set measurable goals, chart out a plan to attain those goals and help you follow the plan or get your team to follow it without losing motivation halfway through. As part of our Coaching Sessions, we will hold periodic reviews with you assessing how well you are progressing to make necessary changes to help you achieve more in less time.

Excel in your professional life while enjoying the perfect work- life balance. Talk to us today.