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Ashley Padayachy

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Ashley Padayachy is an Inner Life Skills Master Coach who assists people and companies in identifying and achieving what they truly want in both personal and working lives. He creates an effective-based approach in his coaching, focusing on each individual’s unique values to help them understand what is and isn’t limiting their beliefs and values. Listening without judgment, he serves as a facilitator and guides his clients in discovering their inner truths and also assists them in overcoming their personal obstacles. Through powerful questions and intuition, he supports his clients in creating goals and executing strategies for living a life that is authentic and meaningful. Not only is he focused on business and executive coaching; he is pursuing his personal passion with regards to youth, scholar and family coaching and is ambitious around empowering the lives of young South Africans.
“People don’t need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.”


Have you noticed how fast time is going! The days and months pass us by so quick without realizing it. There’s always new challenges and obstacles that we face each day. Some of us are in control of our lives to some extent and some of us are points where life controls how we live. [...]

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4 Tips on How to be Mindful

I am continuing this journey of how I, as a Life coach, can enable you to “Be Mindful” If you have missed my previous blog –  Read More Here : 7 Advantages of having a Life Coach Prior to becoming a coach, I spent my years living in a so called “unconscious state”. The concepts [...]

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7 Advantages of Having a Life Coach

Let me begin by clearing up the misconceptions about Life Coaches. Life Coaching is an umbrella term that encompasses all areas of life, work, business, finances, love, relationships, healthy living, balanced lifestyles, parenting and more. We are not psychologists, therapists, counsellors or mentors. We use world class communication techniques and elements to enable individuals, parents, [...]

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Kick Start Your Life-2016

Kick Start Your Life 2016 - Hosted By “My Inner Being”   Knowing Ashley Padayachy, has been an inspiring path so far and he never seems to disappoint and he continues to inspire me more and more with his motivational conversations.The “Kick Start Your Life-2016” event was much awaited for and began in an awesome, [...]

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My Top 50 Most Inspirational Movies Of All Time

I have been thinking about other ways that I can get my message across when it comes to experiencing life and sharing our experiences with others. For me watching a great inspirational movie really puts me in check at times. Unfortunately not all of us can afford holidays or buy books constantly to really see [...]

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