Ashley Padayachy 

Career and Lifestyle Coach

Who am I

Ashley Padayachy has over 12 years of successful experience in providing IT technical, strategic and operational leadership in uniquely challenging situations. He is a results-oriented leader with a strong track record of excellent performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. He has superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex organizational issues, and motivates staff to peak performance. He utilizes keen analysis and insights and a team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. He is dedicated to employing coaching as a powerful tool to overcoming difficulties in the personal as well as professional lives of his clients, and in so doing, helping them to “create a better now”.

In addition to his IT career, Ashley Padayachy is now a Career and Lifestyle coach who assists people and companies in identifying and achieving what they truly want in both their personal and working lives. He creates an effective-based approach in his coaching, focusing on each individual’s unique values to help them understand what is and isn’t limiting their beliefs and values. Listening without judgment, he serves as a facilitator and guides his clients in discovering their inner truths and also assists them in overcoming their personal obstacles.

Through powerful questions and intuition, he supports his clients in creating goals and executing strategies for living a life that is true, authentic and meaningful.

Not only is he focused on Career and Lifestyle coaching; he is pursuing his personal passion with regards to youth, scholar and family coaching and is ambitious around empowering the lives of young South Africans.

How I got here

You must be thinking – So why a change from Information Technology to a Life Coach. He surely is a man that lives his life with not fearing the unknown and he believes he can be anything he wants a 100 times over in many lifetimes.

Just like some of you, Ashley has had similar life experiences as most and in 2011 that’s when Ashley was diagnosed with a serious health condition. At the age of 31, not being educated of this condition, he didn’t think much of it until a few months later – when he could no longer walk. In November 2013 he underwent a major operation.It was in this moment that he decided he needed a change in career which then led him to becoming a Career and Lifestyle Coach.

One of the questions that he had asked himself was …

Why Not Me? He then learnt the art of becoming one with this health condition through coaching and what it meant for him. Instead of fighting this condition which then spread to both his shoulders in late 2011, he embraced that this was supposed to happen to him.

After his operation, he knew that he had a second chance in life and he told himself that…

“This time it will be different and he will make his moments count in life”

For a long time it has been a bumpy ride to get to this stage in his life and now he lives his life with purpose, has a clear path in his approach towards life and others, and he has found a reason to get up in the morning and live his life, his way, with no regrets.

His vision is purely based on helping others and ensuring that people don’t repeat history, guiding them to find their own ways to be their best selves and to “Create a Better Now” for themselves and generations to come!

My Credentials

  • InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach which is ICF Accredited

  • InnerLifeSkills® Enneagram Coach which is ICF Accredited

  • Additional Portfolio Information:

My Calling

Since pursing coaching as a profession. Ashley knew that he need to explore himself and grow himself by participating and joining like-minded people. These are just some of the courses that he has attended to align his being in becoming his true self.

  • The Art of Living – Happiness Program (Year attended- 2017)

  • Atma Kriya Yoga (Year – 2016)

  • Stress and Time Management (Year attended – 2014)

  • Turning Point (Year Attended – 2010)

  • Joy Spring (Year Attended – 2010)


My Tribe

I believe in working, promoting and helping other coaches to bring more of our work to this beautiful planet. I have strategically partnered with the following leaders.