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My Inner Being© has a vision of “creating a better now” where every person is living and working to reach their self-actualized potential so they can live a life free from limiting beliefs and this in turn will transform families, students, teenagers, communities, individuals and businesses in leading an authentic and purposeful life.

My Inner Being ©is committed in providing world class coaching techniques that inspires and guides all people to tap into their inner resources and strengths to achieve a life that they want.

“If your career is not mirroring your lifestyle, then your lifestyle is not mirroring your career” – Ashley Padayachy

Coaching Packages

Available in person or via Skype

Connect. Love. Grow

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Building

  • Prioritizing

  • Decision Making


Mapping Your Future

Career Coaching

  • Goal Setting

  • Mapping your future

  • Planning


The Varsity and College Life

Career Coaching

  • Leadership

  • Accountability

  • Time Management


Prepare. Execute. Lead

Career Coaching

  • Interview Goals

  • Starting a business

  • Strengths and Weaknesses


My Family

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Love and Support

  • Family Values

  • Trust and Forgiveness


My Best Work

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Team Player

  • Entrepreneur Goals

  • Stress management


Becoming the Best Version of Myself

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Passion

  • Purpose

  • Relationships


Your Choice

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Prepare

  • Execute

  • Lead


Enneagram Personality Assessment

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Get to know you better

  • Your why

  • Your true self


What our clients are saying….

“…Life is an adventure, and Ashley helps you live it. If he has done all this for me, imagine what he could do for you?…”

Grade 11 Scholar

–“… I want to thank Ashley for influencing my life positively…”- God Bless

Single Mother

“…Working with Ashley has truly been a life changing experience. I use the word “with” intentionally here because his techniques do not entail him giving me advice on how he thinks I can improve my life…”

Varsity Student

“…What was a goal for the future, had now become a goal for the present! Thanks Ashley!…”

Research Director

“…My First lesson, which didn’t take much convincing was listen to those around me! Ashley’s coaching was worthwhile and I have been “discovering me” with the guidance of Ashley’s intuitive questions, always pushing me one step further, helping me peel the proverbial onion down to the core…”

Project manager

“…I am part of that team that benefitted from Ashley’s coaching and am pleased to declare that he is an excellent coach…”

Production Director

Career & Lifestyle Coaching

My Inner Being is committed to helping you make that Brand-New Start that can transform your life and career. We are here to help you achieve your full potential and realize all your dreams and aspirations, Which, at present, may seem impossible. But to succeed in this goal, it is critical for you to believe that you can amp up your performance, leverage your inherent strengths and achieve every goal which you have set out for yourself.

IT IS IN YOUR HANDS; all you need is a little help, a little push and at My Inner Being your Career & Lifestyle Coach will do exactly that- Give you a push that puts you on the right track or just set you on the path of what you truly have denied yourself of.

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